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The Latin American Organization

for Research and Training 

in International Regulatory Relations

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What you must know about the
new API legislation in Brazil

and how the process compares between Latin America and Europe

Tuesday, September 14th, at 6pm CET (Convert to your time zone)

Brazil’s regulatory authority, Anvisa, made changes to its framework for registration of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). The new resolutions change the dynamics currently established and now, for the first time, a foreign company, without a National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ), will be able to petition in Anvisa's systems for the purpose of a documental approval. 


This specific webinar will give you an updated presentation of the API registration process in Brazil, so you can better prepare your application. Our expert speaker will also make relevant comparisons with the European process as to enrich and boost your perspective of the current regulatory demands for the Pharmaceutical industry.




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Supply chain

Legal Department

Import & Export Department

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Ana Luisa Fritschy


Ana Luisa Fritschy is a Regulatory Affairs Manager with 20 years of experience with Health Authorities and in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She gained great knowledge and international expertise in the development and registration of drugs, medical devices, transfer of marketing authorisation, consultation with authorities and other aspects related to the establishment of new subsidiaries, especially in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Peru.


E-mail us: contact@olaexpert.org


General guidelines for food labelling:
Europe (France) and Latin America (Brazil)

This webinar covered the essential information food companies’ professionals must have before launching their product either in Europe or Latin America. 


Speakers did an overall comparison between local labelling legislations at different levels, discussed mandatory particulars, prohibited claims and suggested labelling compliance strategies before entering the desired market.   


Gilles Boin


Gilles Boin is a food and products lawyer with 15 years of experience serving French, European and International first-in-class companies on high level regulatory issues, investigations by authorities and product litigation matters. His practice is dedicated to advising clients on complex French and EU regulatory aspects and compliance issues linked to the conception and market placement of their products: new launches, labelling advertising materials etc.

Eliana Silva de Moraes


Eliana Silva de Moraes has almost 30 years of expertise in food law, helping international food companies to gain presence in markets of Latin America and Europe. An active participant in the harmonization of the regulatory affairs process, she played a role in setting up Brazil’s Public Health Regulator (ANVISA). President of the ABPVS and General Director of OLA Experts, the Latin American Organization for Research and Training in International Regulatory Affairs.

how to give your career
an international upgrade

challenges and opportunities to succeed


International experience can do wonders for your career development, but making the decision to move and work abroad demands consideration and flexibility to deal with cultural differences. Maybe the opportunity hasn’t come yet and you’re set out to make this possibility to happen.


This webinar was a talk with Raquel Busnello, a headhunter who works as an interface between companies and professionals, looking for potential candidates to fill international positions in Europe and Latin America. We also heard from professionals who took the plunge and have successfully transitioned to their international careers about their experience and advices:

Elaine Bernardino, Senior Lider Counsel - Global Functions at Sandoz International

Maria Regina Shimizu, International Consultant

Mariana Colas, Regulatory Affairs Zone Leader for Latin America at Septodont


Raquel Busnello


CEO and founder of RH Busnello’s Solutions since 2014, Raquel Busnello is a certified headhunter, skilled in International Executive Search & Coaching. With a strong background in Finance, Business Planning and Consulting Strategy, she works between Europe and Latin America to find the best human resources and recruitment solutions for her clients.