How to give your career an international upgrade

International experience can do wonders for your career development, but making the decision to move and work abroad demands consideration and flexibility to deal with cultural differences. Maybe the opportunity hasn’t come yet and you’re set out to make this possibility to happen.

Whether this is your dream or an obvious next step, our new FREE webinar “How to give your career an international upgrade - Challenges and opportunities to succeed” will help you to better understand what changing country for a job means. Our talk will be via Zoom next Wednesday, June 23rd, at 5pm CET/ 12pm BRT.

Joining us will be CEO and founder of RH Busnello’s Solutions, Raquel Busnello. With a strong background in Finance, Business Planning and Consulting Strategy, she works between Europe and Latin America to find the best human resources and recruitment solutions for her clients. We will also hear from professionals who took the plunge and have successfully transitioned to their international careers about their experience and advices:

Elaine Bernardino, Senior Lider Counsel - Global Functions at Sandoz International,

Maria Regina Shimizu, International Consultant and

Mariana Colas, Regulatory Affairs Zone Leader for Latin America at Septodont.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear valuable tips to plan your next career move!

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