New FREE webinar about food labelling in Europe and Latin America

Ola Experts, The Latin American Organization for Research and Training in International Regulatory Relations, ABPVS’ international branch, is proud to invite all food sector actors to join us on our first webinar “General guidelines for food labelling: Europe (France) and Latin America (Brazil)”. The free online event will take place on Wednesday, June 9th, at 5pm (Paris Time GMT+2 - Convert to your time zone).

The webinar will cover the essential information food companies’ professionals must have before launching their product either in Europe or Latin America. Speakers will do an overall comparison between local labelling legislations at different levels, discuss mandatory particulars, prohibited claims and suggest labelling compliance strategies before entering the desired market.

Expert speakers

Joining us in this training will be Gilles Boin, a food and products lawyer with 15 years of experience serving French, European and International first-in-class companies, and Eliana Silva de Moraes, a food law expert with almost 30 years of experience in helping international food companies to gain presence in markets of Latin America and Europe.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to learn more about food labelling in Europe and in Latin America. It might make the difference when taking your business abroad.

Register now!

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